Broadband for high speed.

Broadband 4g and 5g using a mobile sim

With a 4g or 5g Broadband router you can easily avoid high prices and with no need for a landline and the so called Fibre router which plugs into the wall socket with the twisted pair cable. Which uses usually an ADSL router.

The 4g router and 5g routers use any mobile sim card to connect over the mobile network. This means you need to pay for data. Best is the Smarty Mobile card which you can have unlimited data for £20.

Smarty has a data only sim for £5. With a "Pay as you Go" Sim with calls and data for £6.

All Smarty sims are 5g enabled. You can get over 1.2 Gbps with our 5g routers. This is dependent on the distance to the Three masts which Smarty uses.

Here we have a link to get an offer and purchase of a plan with the sim delivered to you within a couple of days. This gives you £10 Gift Card. Offers vary and sometimes they offer the next month a free connection. Just choose a plan then pay and you should be online in a couple of days. If you are in a hurry you can use your mobile sim if you have data. All Routers we supply are unlocked and you can use any sim from the country you are resident in. In the UK we recommend Smarty as they are 5g enabled and appear to have a more comprehensive 5 g network with the lowest data price for "pay as you go" sims.

Save money with Smarty Plans.

Smarty Plans

You can find out the great Smarty Deals.

At SMARTY, they are always looking to give you those fist bump moments. So here’s one you can share with your friends. When you refer a friend to SMARTY you’ll both get a £10 Gift Card. See Terms for more details. So what are you waiting for? Share that fist bump feeling. Please make sure your friend would like to receive the offer before sending.

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Click on Smarty to obtain your Gift Card. The Smarty offers only come when you use a link like those here.



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